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Jubilee Tower, Darwen Moor

Jubilee Tower, Darwen Moor

Jubilee Tower, Darwen Moor, West Pennines. SD678215.

The tower was erected in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Darwen Moor was also the scene of confrontations regarding access to the moor.

I have an old booklet celebrating the "Jubilee of the Freeing of Darwen Moors, 1896 - 1946". The struggle began in 1878 and was championed by five "agitators" who trespassed one Sunday in July 1878 and were confronted by keepers. The five were later served with writs. The protest prevailed and after much legal wrangling, the Moor was declared accessible and in September 1896, those of the five that were alive and the Mayor and Corporation, processed over the moor. The first sod was cut for the Tower in June of the following year.